Children’s book illustration by Sara Ugolotti

Children's book illustration by Sara Ugolotti

“Since I was a child I have always loved drawing. In 2012 I obtained a bachelor degree in architecture at the University of Parma.
Later i kept on studying architecture and at the same time i finally started to study illustration at the International School of Comics in Reggio Emilia: thanks to some great teachers, for three years I have been working on all the traditional art’s techniques and learned the basis for the development of a picture book.
In 2015 I took a degree in Illustration with excellent results. From the end of the school I have been working on myself trying to find out my personal illustration style and working and learning in digital painting as autodidact.
Some of my illustrations have been selected for international contests.
I’m a part of a collective of artists with whom I share some projects and interests.
I like photography, nature, animals and I love experimenting with different kind of arts.”

Sara Ugolotti: website / behance