Creative Cards Project – A beautiful arty card game involving 54 creative artists

The powerful style of Sebastian Onufszak

Fill Ryabchikov

João Oliveira

Jonathan Foerster

Your Majesty

Anton Repponen

Evgeny Kiselev

Vitalik Sheptuhin

Matei Apostolescu

Iv Orlov

Radim Malinic / Brand Nu

Andreas Preis

Valp / Maciej Hajnrich

Fabian Ciraolo

Adhemas Batista


Giga Kobidze

The “Creative Cards Project” brings together 54 talented artists around the design of a deck of cards, each artist with a mission to make a playing card. We find among these artists Joshua Davis, Shotopop, Brosmind, Your Majesty, Fabian Ciraolo, and many others.

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