Dario Urzay, paintings

Dario Urzay, paintings

Dario Urzay works shows that art should operate in an open world, not limited by exclusion. A world of continuous change and symbiosis, where the personal poetic and observation is fed back to induce new forms of knowledge and communication.

His works are complex Hybridations. Displayed in a format stylistically abstract, build up an imaginary territory, invented from metaphors, in which there is not will to correspond with an external truth.

He uses its own language, developed and matured for three decades, which is not designed nor as a representational medium neither as an inner expression, but merely as an adaptive tool to the environment of his own time.

The artist’s project includes any effective way to generate new world configurations through the experience of art. But not in isolation, or in a self-referential way, but connected to the total of human knowledge. Geography, Biology, chemistry, computer programming and iconography applied, may be their source of work. His contemporary paintings offer a good example of this.

In Urzay´s world any human stage is capable of artistic intervention, because nothing should escape to the analysis of beauty or its reverse. His obsessive investigation of technical procedures from traditional pigments and binders to the digital manipulation of audiovisual recordings and public interaction with specific scenarios show a continuing concern where nothing is concluded, nothing is definitive.

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