Dimitra Milan paints her wildest dreams

Dimitra Milan paints her wildest dreams

“I paint women and animals/nature together to create a dreamy atmosphere and to give you a feeling that anything is possible. I think of each animal more as a symbol, rather than just the animal itself. I think about the function and attributes of the animal and use it as a symbol. I often like to paint animals that are traditionally viewed as dangerous or predators, or animals that simply have a dangerous edge.

I feel like the women who represent me or the viewer have an opportunity to overcome, or to be a part of, a grand supernatural adventure. Sometimes these relationships between the woman and the animal represent our relationship with the one who created all of us. In my paintings, these predators are not dangerous, they don’t bite and they don’t sting.”

16-year-old artist Dimitra Milan grew up surrounded by art and has since worked to cultivate her own unique style. Four years ago, she began painting when her parents opened Arizona’s Milan Art Institute, allowing her to take any class that caught her attention. From classical oil techniques to contemporary mixed media, Milan’s skill set grew along with her desire to paint. The artist then started homeschooling so she could dedicate her free time to improving and exploring her creative passion. It turns out that this was time well-spent because, after finishing high school early, Milan started painting full-time and is now a celebrated professional artist.

“I hope that when people see my artwork, they see beauty. I hope that they see themselves. I hope they have some kind of deep, internal response in their heart—not just a cognitive response. I want the paintings to be like a door to a new world, a heavenly realm where there are no prey and there are no predators, just beauty, hope, adventure, confidence, and of course love.”

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