Dino Tomic creates art using only salt

Dino Tomic creates art using only salt

“My name is Dino Tomic and I recently have started creating artwork using regular kitchen SALT.

Testing out new techniques and expanding your artistic field – going from one medium to another and taking new knowledge with you for each last piece you did. That’s how you build character and versatile your artistic abilities, either mastering one subject or many, as long as you determination is there you will feel progress and finally succeed. The more you know the better you will be, and the better you are the more complex tasks you can do. Complexity of a task is only in the mind of the observer. It’s only hard if you have no background knowledge.

The salt mandalas/salt art are just one of many stepping stones I’m undertaking. I know I’m talking more in general about art than the the subject at hand – but I feel it’s more important to present the whole picture instead. Undertaking projects like these are like entering uncharted territory. Not only is it new for me, but it’s also new for the world. Creating art with salt was around for many years – but really improving on what’s possible with this medium is something I’m very interested in. Today in the world there are only a handful of people who create art using only salt and the projects they undertake is a mere fraction of the size that I do.

Pushing a medium to new heights, and backing it up with my knowledge of past projects speeds up the process. Overcoming past set boundaries and rising the bar higher is of utmost importance for me. Isolating one particular part that does not present the whole process of why I’m doing/creating the artwork today. Doing projects like these test my abilities as an artistic creator, they open my eyes and refresh my senses.”

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