DUBAI BLUE – Concept Design for Dubai EXPO 2020

DUBAI BLUE - Concept Design for Dubai EXPO 2020

DUBAI BLUE, Design for Jumeirah beach located development

Concept Design for Dubai EXPO 2020
Client: Drydock
Design: MOTIV TM, 2013
Consultant: Allcon Investment

DUBAI BLUE – Concept of a multi-functional complex with a strong urban/social background. Location and it’s natural features had a direct impact on the concept development.
Climate conditions have determined the structures of main buildings, looking for most efficient sun protection, natural ventilation and micro-climate creation in outdoor public spaces for ones convenience. Study of historical cities has been carried out to establish the connotations with contemporary architecture. Classic elements like Mashrabiyyah, Malqafs and atrium system of buildings have been implemented into the concept. Designed buildings represent the background or framework for human existence. The structures with its structural clarity and beauty can be conceived as being generated from the plan, which gave form and order to the space within as well as measure and scaled by the human body and its experience.

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