Émilie Léger, digital art

Émilie Léger is an artist and a graphic design student based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Although digital art and writing are her main means of creating, she prioritizes effect, texture and emotion over the medium itself.

Throughout the art of creating, she often seeks what bonds realism and onirism, as if to encapsulate dream states. This quest is, undoubtedly, intimately entwined with her academic and personal background, highly influenced by theatre, literature, writing and, more recently, cinema.

Highly perceptive, she shares her inner world, one that is characterized by her most awakened senses: the visual and the auditory.

Increasingly dictated by surrealist intentions, Émilie finds herself even further accomplished; as she focuses on defining her role as a creative individual, she simultaneously pursues her goal of transposing literary thought into image and, inversely, transposing image into literature.

Émilie Léger: website / deviantart