Fantastic landscapes by Evgeny Lushpin

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In his oeuvre Evgeny Lushpin follows the best traditions of representationalism of both Russian and West European pictural art. Preciosity and virtuosic skills, sense of color and form, which are very typical for old masters – Evgeny Lushpin’s paintings have it all. Favorite painters of Evgeny Lushpin are Piter Bruegel, Andrew Wyeth, Hieronymus Bosch and Edward Hopper, whose art is a creativity of imagination, fantasy and high professional skills.

At the present time the favorite art object of Lushpin is landscape, which he paints in realistic manner picturing daily life of the city. Being a real master of landscape picturing, where he accomplishes perfection, revealing plastic gorgeousness of object world and creating an unrepeatable mood, he builds a real and fantastic world at the same time. Having such fidelity and document trueness, his city landscapes may turn to be surrealistic pictures from night dreams. Picturing in his works images of modern cities such as Amsterdam, San Francisco and Bruges, Evgeny Lushpin adds fantastic irrational characteristics to the world of usual familiar streets and courtyards. Personages of Lushpin’s pictures are lost in violet evening twilight, but bright red strip of sunset and poetic game of city windows light point out surrounding mysterious and foggy haze.

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