From NY with love, photography by Maks Erlikh

“My basic conception is accomplishment of maximum artistic expression in my works. Digital technologies are eroding boundaries between different medias. You can create anything you see in your imagination by single computer command: classical photography, painting, graphics, collages, slideshow, video.
My sources of education is Higher School of Applied Arts in St. Petersburg of Russia and Pratt institute in NY. Russian school gave me me solid professional training in classical Visual arts – Drawing, Painting, Sculpture. Pratt gave me unique freedom in applying my skills. I traveled widely through Russian North studying Medieval and Folklore art. I did hand copies of Durer’s works. I visited main European and American museums of Fine Arts learning greatest masterpieces. In my works I tried to interpret classical achievements with new technologies through my artistic temper. I was said by my professors that as an artist I have powerful individuality which is basis of my creativity.
Very important today for an artist is a style of his works, it is one of main characteristics of our works. Somehow any of artists should resolve the problem for himself, to be recognized by public. On one side it is obvious that we live in age of eclectic. There is no style of modernity. There as many modern styles as many important architects. Calatrava does not look like Hadid or Gehry.
Individuality of an artists became the style of epoche.”

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