Goga Tandashvili uses ancient technique to turn walls into art

Goga Tandashvili uses ancient technique to turn walls into art

Bas-Relief is a technique as old as humankind’s very first artistic endeavors, a way of sculpting figures that are slightly raised from a flat surface. Bas-Relief sculptures could be found on the walls of all kinds of buildings and temples from ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece, and now it’s making a comeback.

Russian artist Goga Tandashvili is a master of the art, bringing scenes inspired by the natural world. Think long-tailed birds, flowers and luxurious fronds of fern. The scenes blend in perfectly with their surroundings, meaning that your home décor actually becomes a beautiful piece of impressionist art. Goga is also a painter, and this comes across in his sculptures. He draws on the wall, and then adds material on top of the lines to create the 3D effect, bringing interiors to life with vivid textures and contours.

But how does he do it? “I use a different tool depending on the artistic problem: knives, cutters, chisels, palette knives, he told Bored Panda. “The choice of the material is also determined by the task, for the interior I work with gypsum mixtures, this is the old material that has proved itself for centuries. If there is a need to do work from bronze, granite, marble, steel and so on, then I could also do that.”

“I am primarily interested in the artistic image, and the material is secondary, although it adds character to the work. I also paint, this is my first love. I came to sculpture from painting and I’m very happy to be able to translate it into bas-reliefs.”

Via: boredpanda