Illustrated album: La sábana azul by Silvana Verdini

“I wrote this book for my brother, who I admire and love so much. I created all the illustrations and made the whole design of the album, from drawing the title letters on the cover, to bookbinding it by hand.

La sábana azul is probably the project nearest to my heart so far!

I am a passionate designer, illustrator and bookbinder. Since I was a little girl, art has been in my life: I spent my time dancing, reading and drawing. I studied Design and Visual Communication at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, where I specialized in Editorial Design, and discovered an understated and wonderful art: bookbinding.

I believe that life is an opportunity to marvel, to absorb and share beauty, to learn and improve ourselves and our surroundings. I design having those thoughts in mind, inspired by nature’s vivid colors and expressive art, in search of meaningful communication.

My sanctuary is my bookbinding practice. I founded the brand Ars Ikasia, to share the unique objects I build with my hands. They are designed for a multitude of uses. I make journals, notebooks, agenda planners, photo albums, cases and paper boxes, with the hope of enriching how people express themselves and treasure their own stories.”

Silvana Verdini: website