Illustration by Manka Kasha

<< The small Knight and the tiny bear were climbing the big mountain, in search for a wise Dragon. At last, they reached the pique. The dragon was there, huge and shiny, reflecting vermilion color splashes the sunset was blooming with. “Hello, tiny wanderers,- the dragon said, sensing their presence,- what brings you here?” “We brought you a fallen star, and were seeking for a piece of advice,- the small Knight said, trying to catch his breath. "Such treasure was missing from my collection,- the dragon agreed, thank you, little ones. Seek what you are looking for inside yourselves. And remember, it might be much more dangerous than what you see around you”. >>

“I’m Maria a.k.a Manka Kasha – a full-time teacher, part-time illustrator. I draw silly pictures, tiny city-skapes and a lot of galaxies.”

Maria Biktimirova: instagram / redbubble