Incredible food art from raw fish and other edible ingredients

Many people would agree that sashimi (a Japanese delicacy consisting of very fresh raw fish or meat nicely sliced into thin pieces) is one of the best ways to enjoy fish. Not only you can taste thinly sliced seafood at its very freshest but also this delicacy recently became famous as a form of art.

One culinary artist, going by the handle of mikyou, never had a job related to art or design, however, he has a son who he wanted to teach food preparation to and also instill a love for it. He decided to think out of the box and turn the learning process into a fun activity by making art out of food. During the summer of last year, he started working with fish, therefore, it was a perfect opportunity to start the learning process! The artist taught his son how to slice and prepare sashimi and the whole learning process became a fun activity where he was able to make amazing creatures and form excellent art pieces. The fun part is that by teaching his child, he ended up really getting into it himself.

He learned many difficult techniques from videos on YouTube and other places on the internet. He also followed a lot of famous professional chefs on Instagram and reproduced their dishes which he saw on their photos and videos at home. He started spending more time on creating more difficult creatures so his skills became better and better. Suddenly, a fun activity (or should we say a learning process) became his hobby and passion!

His secret to making perfect sashimi is to use various kinds of fish and other edible ingredients to form different sashimi creatures and make them more realistic. Also, to be patient, as the process requires a lot of time and focus on details. We must admit, making sashimi art is not for everyone! However, the artist pays a lot of attention to details, therefore, all his artwork looks excellently done.

mikyou: instagram
via: boredpanda