Incredible pop-out painter, Alexa Meade

Warmth and energy in the vivid paintings of Kal Gajoum

Alexa Meade is a 25 year old D.C. based artist who is developing an aesthetic that is playfully and skillfully combing paint, portraiture, photography and performance. The finalized work is one that is beautifully engaging, temporary and colorfully alive. The initial experience feels a touch kitchy with it’s aesthetic trickery but once past understanding the illusion the work is quite alluring. Make sure you check out the video that illustrates the painting process and how the personality and background of the model is integrated into the creative process. All encompassing, kicking ass, taking names.

“In my current work, I construct and then photograph ephemeral installation sets that feature an assemblage of found objects and live models, which I have covered in layers of acrylic paint. I paint the surfaces of the human subjects, the material objects, and the architecture of the installations so as to collapse the subject, foreground, and background into one continuous plane. I present my ephemeral portrait/performances as both live, interactive installations as well as permanent photographic indices of these experiences.”
Alexa Meade: website

You’re walking in a gallery, along a wall of oil portraits – all of them impressive works of art.
They’re so good, they’re almost popping off the canvas.
Until you realise… they actually are.