Jonna Lamminaho: “I paint the beauty I see in animals”

Jonna Lamminaho: "I paint the beauty I see in animals"

“Art has been my passion ever since I was a child and I remember telling everyone that I’ll be an artist when I grow up! With art, I escaped the bad things happening around me. I never had many friends when I was a child and I mostly felt lonely. So I used to spend my free time drawing. I rarely went out, I was always locked in my room drawing hours after hours trying to improve.

My parents gave me money countless of times and told me to go out, meet friends and do normal stuff. I took that money, went to a local art shop, bought some new supplies and came back home to draw some more! Every time!

During my art journey, I abandoned the idea of being artist countless of times. And I really did believe I won’t be one. Years went by and I didn’t draw much. Until summer 2014. I was going through the hardest time of my life. It seemed like there was nothing left for me. One day I decided to pick up my watercolors which I bought a few years back but never used. It was love at first sight! I started painting like a maniac, I wasn’t able to stop. At some point, I decided to share my artworks on social media, mostly on Instagram and for my surprise, I started getting a lot of supporters, and suddenly my paintings were shared all over social media. It was overwhelming for me. At first, I was afraid to call myself an artist, I don’t know why, but now I’m proud to say I am one. Art has saved me so many times and it continues to do so. I’m extremely happy that I can do what I love the most and my childhood dream came true. I put my heart and soul on every piece I create and even little bit of me.

Animals are so close to my heart and I want to show people how beautiful they are and how they deserve to live in this world as much as we do. I try to tell stories with them, sad and happy ones. And sometimes creating awareness of the endangered pieces.”

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