The Life Of Pichu

The Life Of Pichu

“My relationship with pichu is not relatable with any other cat. She is a very unique and dependent cat; she has her pros and cons. Besides knocking over the trashcan, constantly yelling for my attention, crying when I leave her, and chewing important papers, she is truly an amazing cat. Our bond is special; communication between us is especially easy.

She cries when she’s hungry, brings me a toy when she wants to play (usually fetch), and gets in her crate when she sees I’m getting ready to leave (even though she hates the crate). Every time I step out of door and back in, she treats me as if she hadn’t seen me in ages; much like those videos of a lion’s reaction after not seeing their owners for a long period of time. Although she becomes a bit skittish when people get near her, she is gradually becoming accustomed to it.

Most people believe that an early generation bengal means horror, but those are typically the people who have never had any experience with one. I have never seen a cat that shows the amount of love and affection Pichu offers and I’m truly grateful for having made the decision of owning an F1 Bengal despite people’s beliefs. I can only imagine that every Bengal cat owner out there can agree that they make extraordinary pets.”

Instagram: @Life_Of_Pichu – Follow Pichu, an f1 bengal, on her journey into becoming a beautiful full grown leopard!