Lunnula Moonbeams, character design by Victoria Francés

Lunnula Moonbeams, character design by Victoria Francés


“I introduce you to LUNNULA MOONBEAMS, a melancholic albino witch associated to the Moon and to the mysterious ravens from her birth. She’s also the mother of a long line of witches, and her powers increase when the winter solstice is coming.
Expert in the art of the magic herbs, her cauldron is an old ally. But for your safety, please, never open her antique grimoire if you don’t believe in the magical influence of the Moon Goddess… its pages contain the mystery that dwells in the spectral moors.

*I leave you with my design about this new character and with the official pictures of Lunnula by the great bjd company FairyLand! I take this opportunity to extend my thanks to all the FairyLand team for this gorgeous and amazing job… all the process has been like bring life to a new shared daughter!!!”

Victoria Francés: website / instagram

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