Musical notes by Maya Green

The love dolls have their lives - project by photographer Laurie Simmons

I’m an artist because it’s my nature and in certain way my instinct; I can’t live the other way. When people see my paintings I’d like them to be happier and kinder.
I’m often asked why I paint, how I do that, whether I’m tired, what’s the purpose, what I want to say in my artworks etc. Honestly, I’m not tired at all. I can’t stop creating; for me, it’s the same as stop breathing. Artist is not the occupation, it’s rather a disease. To me, art is a state of mind. All my works express a different concept made up with a strong sense of spirituality and sensibility.
In my work I seek to complement the moments I encounter. I attempt breaking down life to its visual essentials – light, dark, balance, movement, tone. In so doing perhaps I can reveal a new perspective. I enjoy capturing the essence of a moment.
I consider a painting complete when the idea I am trying to express matches the thoughts in my mind. Often this process leaves me naked and feeling exceptionally vulnerable.
My artworks reproduce my everyday impressions and I’d like to share them with everyone. I would like to “warm” those who like my art, enlighten their day and make them happier. Therefore, if somebody, while looking at my artwork gets that special feeling of something personal, I’m satisfied.

Maya Green: portfolio