Paintings by Avery Palmer

Paintings by Avery Palmer

Avery Palmer is a painter and sculptor from Arcata, California. Inspired most notably by Surrealist painting, his figurative art presents ambiguous allegorical scenarios exploring the complex nature of the human condition, the subconscious, and the interconnectedness of all things.

From a young age, Palmer was driven to express his active imagination through drawings. He earned his BA in Studio Art at Humboldt State University in Arcata, where he developed a great passion for- and dedication to drawing. Enabled by his development as a draftsman, he branched out to develop his art in the areas of painting and ceramic sculpture. He also has an MFA from San Jose State University. His work has been exhibited throughout California and in Chicago and Seattle.

“Life is amazingly complex and perpetually filled with unanswerable questions, yet each of us must find a way to make some kind of sense of it all. It is in human nature to simplify the world around us so it can be better understood and articulated, but there is inevitably much that is missed when we do this. It is our condition of limited understanding of reality that prompts us to dream and to use our imaginations. My work addresses this condition.”

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