Paintings by Irena Chrul

Paintings by Irena Chrul

Of German nationality, Irena Chrul, artist living and working in Italy, attended the Academy of the Art schools of Posen in Poland.

Her prime activity is painting. She exposes all over the world, Warsaw, New York (east Village Gallery), Hamburg, Montreal, Lucca, Venice…

Her fulgurant career began before even the end of her studies creating costumes for not less than 14 plays including an opera in two years. In parallel she made her first exhibition at the prestigious Zacheta Gallery of Warsaw.

She concentrated afterwards her activity in Germany in the sector of design and creation in multi-media communication. Hamburg will be during more than 20 years her harbor of work and the most productive and creative years of her career under the leadership of several international companies.

She recently established her residence in Lucca in Tuscany.

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