Pixel art paintings by Octavi Navarro

Pixel art paintings by Octavi Navarro

Octavi Navarro – a pixel artist from Barcelona, who paints scenes inhabited by tiny characters, under the name Pixels Huh.

“The idea behind this project comes from my love for classic video games, that I’ve been playing so much since the day my parents bought me a second hand Commodore 64 with a box full of cassette games.
I remember being blown away with the rich worlds those first designers and artists were able to create with such heavy limitations.

In Pixels Huh, I’m mixing my own painting techniques with some of the restrictions of classic pixel art, resulting in very personal scenes that tell unique stories.

My work has been featured in reputed international publications, such as Die Welt, How Design Magazine, Kill Screen and ARTE Tracks.

I’ve worked with great clients from all over the world, such as Penguin Random House, La Caixa, El Corte Inglés and Plain Vanilla Games.

At present, I’m working on Thimbleweed Park, the new point and click adventure game by Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick.”

Octavi Navarro: website / tumblr
Via: designyoutrust.com