Plastic Waters: Photography series about the global problem of water pollution

This photo series is a story of nature and people. The making was at once both burdensome and awesome. Many months these images haunted my dreams and permeated my thoughts for much of my waking hours. This work used up my strength, time and money. And at each session, it gave something back. This series’ intention is to stir up emotion also in the audience. Bring the mind to the present. To tell a story of our waters.

This series is inspired by the horror stories of H.P. Lovecraft,
particularly The Shadow Over Innsmouth (1931), wherein rising from the sea a dark threat lurks o’er the village of Innsmouth.

The images are a blend of these themes. The story of sea creatures, wrought in filth. Story of our waters’ contemporary troubles. The creatures’ emotions vary from wistful and sad to anger.

Photography: Markus Aspegren
Muah: Laura Puntila
Assistent + BTS-Photos: Tekla Kokkonen

Annika Parkkonen
Henna Viitala
Sanni Julin
Janika Seppälä
Merja Paakkanen
Mikko Varjoranta
Aapo Halme
Tekla Kokkonen
Kari Savolainen
Laura Puntila
Kristian Pyykkö
Laura Tullila

Markus Aspegren: website / instagram
Via: boredpanda