Portraits & Misc, illustration by Christina Leta

Portraits & Misc, illustration by Christina Leta

Portraits of women juxtaposed with symbolic inanimate objects

“My portraits are inspired by surrealism & the visceral technique of urban art. With color & carefully composed negative space I capture moments like hardship, love & loss from uncontrolled pigment and vast blank spaces. I’m a California based artist with a Bachelors Degree in Visual Art living in Alhambra.

The compositions are stripped down to the bare bones of emotion, deconstructed to the point of being still recognizable but requiring the viewer to fill in the blanks. I let the paint drip as a compositional component- as if they are real people, wet with paint & emerging from the paper, or the paint is some kind of energy, made visible, thats flowing from them.

My educational focus on fine art began in 2001, & has since launched professionally as of 2012. I chose watercolor as my primary art medium because it has just the right mind of its own; it can be wild, unforgiving, unpredictable and surprising- characteristics that collide well with my careful, planned & cautious artistic nature.”

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