Raku sculpture by Dominique Allain

Astonishing pencil drawings by Paul Lung

What is RAKU?
Based on ancient Japanese tradition as part of the sacred tea ceremony, out these, modern Raku is a blend of East and West. Each piece is glazed, then carefully placed into a red-hot kiln. The fierce heat
usually melts the glaze within 50 to 60 minutes (1800°F), when each piece is removed, then ‘quenched’ in sawdust to produce a characteristic glaze and smoked black clay body. Raku firing is so rapid that control of the many variables is impossible. The results are always unique.

The work of Dominique Allain represents the complete psychological refinement of the Raku problem in practice of the sculpture. A usual practice, to which many contemporary artists use in various aesthetic tendencies, but of which it has, with a particularly original degree in the expressivity and the development of the body, multiplied by ten the evocative power.
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