Realistic and fanciful charm of narrative paintings by Danielle Duer

Paintings by Charmaine Olivia

Danielle Duer is a professional artist living and working from her studio in Nashville, Tennessee. Her unusual pieces have been described as haunting and romantic. She uses bold, beautiful color combinations and layers the main images with dainty details so that the viewer can stare for hours and always see something new. These narrative paintings are quite feminine and successfully possess both realistic and fanciful charm. She includes symbolism to tell lighthearted stories that are metaphors for deeper truths and philosophies in her own life.

“I live in a story: a tale of braided memories and romantic perspectives on all that is around me. This world is my reality. I see myself; I’m here, seeking adventure all by myself. I wander away from the party. I begin walking through the dark woods carrying my lantern and I look closely to see what I might not have noticed before. Above me, the skies are dark and infinite. The air is so crisp, it can’t help but remind me that I’m very much alive. I step through the thick of the forest-green wonder to a faint rhythm of drums that are playing just right. I’m not escaping, rather I am embracing each step, enchanted by every pattern and glisten that catches my eye. I’m greeted by worm-women and lady bugs who are having a party and invite me to sit for some tea. I haven’t decided how long I will stay, I really don’t like to make plans.”

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