The secret life of miniature Batman by photographer Rémi Noël

The secret life of miniature Batman By photographer Rémi Noël

They say that boys don’t grow up, only their toys change. That might not be the case, however, for French photographer Rémi Noël, who’s been tripping throughout the state of Texas together with a miniature plastic Batman figurine, his only companion.

Noël has long been fascinated by the image of “timeless America” captured in the works of Jack Kerouac, Edward Hopper and Robert Frank. So Texas’s endless highways and neon-sign motels were the perfect setting for lonely Batman’s photoshoot.

But what’s with the Batman doll? “It’s a toy that I stole from my son one day when I was cleaning his room”, said Noël. “Since I go to the United States by myself, I take Batman with me to feel less alone. And I take him out – I set him up in scenarios.”

The caped crusader looks rather alienated from his usual 24/7 villain-beating self. Nostalgic gazes out the window and cravings for “Ranch Style” beans create that feeling of longing we’ve all experienced, but probably never attributed to a tough guy like Batman.

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