Selfies to show a battle within the self by Anu Gogna Dasore

Selfies to show a battle within the self by Anu Gogna Dasore

The battle when your mind wants you to be serious and your heart wants you to be naughty

Mind(left) vs Heart (right)

The battle when your heart pleads you to skip the exercise and munch in some calories

When your mind tells you that it’s time to grab a grub but your heart tells your hands to grab your phone and take a picture of that meal first

The battle when your mind asks for food for itself and your heart tells you to give your mind some rest

And finally when your mind lets you to watch TV but your heart goes against and wants to doze off

“Life is a battle. A battle against time. A battle against the world. A battle against yourself – mind vs heart. Heart has reasons that mind cannot know. That’s why there’s always a battle between the two.

Your mind tells you to do the important things but your heart tries to convince you for the less important ones. This is what I intend to show through my selfies. I came up with this selfie idea while I was home alone one day and I had many errands to finish but my heart told me to procrastinate, like always, and being very manipulative, my heart won over my mind. That’s when I though of taking these selfies to picture the battle between the manipulative heart and the strong yet gullible mind. Why I chose the couch for all the pictures? That was the easiest place in the house to capture the pictures on timer. I did enjoy taking these pictures and loved the way they came out. I hope you enjoy watching them too.

P.S. These pictures are not photoshopped, and I don’t have a twin sister either.”