Solar Eclipse from Oklahoma, photography by Rich Chambers

Solar Eclipse from Oklahoma, photography by Rich chambers

August 21, 2017 Solar Eclipse from Yukon, Oklahoma

“The eclipse started at 11:37 AM Central Standard Time (CST), reaching a maximum of 85% at 1:05 PM, ending at 2:34 PM. I took a total of 102 photos over the 3 hour window. Below are 16 images showing the eclipse at 10 to 15 minute intervals. The upper left was taken at 11:37:43 AM, the maximum (second row, far right) was taken at 1:05:51 PM, with the last image taken 42 seconds after the eclipse. Notice the rotation of the sunspots which are near vertical in the first image and rotated about 90 degrees right by the last image. The temperature dropped about 6 degrees F.

My camera is the Olympus OMD E-MI Mark II, lens is the Olympus Zuiko 300mm F4 PRO with 1.4 extender. All images were shot at f5.6, with shutter speeds between 1/200 to 1/500 sec. I used the Black Polymer Filter marketed by Thousand Oaks Optical, Kingman, AZ, which transmits 1/1000th of 1% sunlight.”

Rich Chambers: behance