Stendhal syndrome (red & black), fine-art project by Peter Zelei

Stendhal syndrome (red & black), fine-art project by Peter Zelei

Fine-art project. Concept art shooting in an abandoned building site.

Peter Zelei is a Hungarian photographer who specializes in portrait, conceptual imagery, landscapes and also photo manipulations.

From his use of colour and surreality, he creates a reality found only in his imagination, but with an emotion that is undeniably human. He explores the divide between darkness and light, unafraid to explore themes that others
may find uncomfortable.

His work evokes a connection from the viewer, a feeling of oneness of the human experience and a mystery that will leave you wondering how the story will unfold.

He exposes the rawness, surreality, mysticism and yet also poetry of his surroundings.

His photographs and photo manipulations are created within an immense subtleness and ease.

They take the observer on a journey into the most intimate realms of the human experience.

Peter Zelei: website / instagram