Strange marine creatures, ScoobaFish recycled art

Strange marine creatures, ScoobaFish recycled art

Maurizio comes from an artistic family, and now lives and works in Sardinia. His passion for the sea and nature has pushed him to discover remote places away from usual touristic routes and in one of them his inspiration was born. His innate creativity and the mix of techniques complete the rest.
From that moment on with creative ability he gives vent to his flair strengthened by the firm belief that a cleaner world is better and using recycled materials that otherwise would have been disposed of.

“For me the most important thing is to recuperate objects that had a past.
Now, I want to give them another life, all of my artworks are made up of objects that would have been taken to the dump and driftwood, whereas I’ve managed to recuperate them and give them another life. Who knows who used these objects before, and where these objects came from? Who knows…

These objects are then transformed into works of art.
The importance of these works of art is that I will only make one copy, so nowhere else in the world will you find another copy.
The theme to all my artworks is to recylcing, that is the most important thing.

I want my artworks to go somewhere else and to be loved.”

Maurizio Sergiusti – ScoobaFish: instagram / etsy