Tarot of Cyclicity by Attila Blaga

The Tarot of Cyclicity brings the mysteries of the past into the future.

The Tarot of Cyclicity was created both in round and regular edition. Inspired by the classic Rider-Waite-Smith deck and Mandala, introducing Astrology, Numerology, Alchemy, The Fourth Way and Jungian psychology, the Tarot of Cyclicity brings the mysteries of the past to a new dimension and closer to the perception of the modern man.
It is a multifunctional instrument designed for divination, fortune-telling, self-development, intuition improvement and therapy sessions.

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The traditional depiction of the cards is explicit and static. The scenes represent situations while the solutions are at the discretion of the interpreter. Everything follows according to predefined scenarios. When someone saw a lying man face down on the ground and stabbed in his back with ten oversised swords, there is none or very little room left for interpretation.
The Waite-Smith’s Ten of Swords is autocrat, definitive and speaks about the violent end and an inevitable tragic outcome.

However, life is not a series of snapshots, but it is a flowing movie. Life means motion because nothing is static in the universe. Situations are changeable, and humans can make their own choices and determine their own fates. Life is rhythm.
The Ten of Swords of the Tarot of Cyclicity leave someone’s options open. Ten possible escape paths penetrate the circles of blades.

A little bit of philosophy

Life on Earth is cyclical and our lives may feel sometimes like we are running in the same circle all over again. It is in your power to break the circle. 

In theory, the average life expectancy is 84 years – although currently, it is of only 71 years. The 84 years can be divided into 12 ‘slices’ of 7 years each.  Each slice represents one Zodiac sign. These 12 slices can be further divided into three. These are the 36 decans of the Zodiac represented by the 36 numerals of the Tarot deck. Each Zodiac sign has three decans and one decan is approximatively 2 years and 4 months. We traverse these decans one by one from the day we were born till the day we will die. We live our lives exposed to all these external, human and astral influences unknowingly, unconsciously. Our life is a long string of ‘accidents’ and unpredictable happenings where we are only passive participants. Life is happening to us. However, by conscious effort, learning and spiritual development, we have the power to change that and transform the circle of life into an upward spiral of evolution. The Tarot is the map of the universe and the guide to the path of enlightenment. 

The cards of the Tarot of Cyclicity are like mirrors. You can only see yourself and the things you know. More you will learn, more you will be able to see and understand.

Tarot & therapy – know thyself

The Tarot is not only an advanced instrument for making predictions – educated guesses, but it is also an instrument of self-observation, self-remembering, self-study and therapy. Know yourself and you will understand others; study others and you will learn about yourself.

Combining both teachings of Gurdjieff and Jung, the Tarot can be an important part of the healing and developing processes. 

Someone can lay out the cards face up and chose a couple of cards or ask another person to draw some cards. Studying these cards may shred a new light upon someone’s current state of mind and soul.

And this is just one of the countless possibilities. The Tarot of Cyclicity is a flexible tool and everyone can find and develop the method of using it which way suits her or him the best.  The only limits are those that someone imposes on themselves. The round shape of the cards suggests the infinite nature of the universe and of our possibilities. For individual or group therapy, the Tarot of Cyclicity opens up new paths of exploration and study. 

Focusing on the cards you will embark on a fantastic journey. 

The regular and round editions

The regular edition consists of 78 Tarot cards plus one cover card and an extra card which features the core of the system, respectively the basic astrological, numerological, alchemical and cabalistic attributions of the cards. The cards will be delivered in a custom rigid tuck box.
The cards of the regular edition feature upright and reversed keywords on each card and the time frame associated with each card. For instance, Two of Wands represents the period from March 21 to March 30, respectively the 1st decan of Aries. Upward the card signifies initiative, while reversed doubt.
The round edition consists of 78 Tarot cards, one cover card and five extra cards which features basic Astrology and astrological attributions of the Tarot cards. The cards will be delivered in a custom rigid tuck box.
The Minor Arcana cards of the round edition additionally feature the classic symbols of each suite.
Smooth and easy to handle.
Superior smooth quality card stock: 330gsm finest German card stock with black core.
Round deck dimensions: 89mm x 89mm, 3.5″ x 3.5″.
Regular deck dimensions: 70mm x 121mm, 2.75″ x 4.75″.

Later this year, a large accompanying printed book entitled “Tarot Renewal” will be published and it will be available separately on Lulu, a print-on-demand platform. However, the price of the Tarot decks does not include the printed book. 
The book is a complete theoretical and practical guide. It includes a brief history and analyses of the evolution of the esoteric Tarot and the use of the deck for game playing across Europe. 
The book will introduce basic notions of Astrology, Numerology and Alchemy and how they are fully integrated into the Tarot. It will also feature both traditional and modern interpretation of the cards as a foundation for your own further development.  Not at least, will present technics of reading the cards, respectively use the cards for self-development and therapeutical purposes. 

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