The Night Survives

12 famous fairy tales in pieces by Simone Massoni

The Night Survives makes the music to move you. To make you lose control. To bring you sounds and hooks you’ve never heard before. To give you a release from the mundane and boring music you’re used to. The Night Survives is Vocalist Giovanni Ramirez, Drummer Tom Self, Guitarist Rudi Luczyn and Bassist Robert James. Bringing together genres that only mesh together in the wildest corners of your imagination. The Night Survives brings over a decade of music talent and expertise from an alliance of long-lived friends. The Night Survives records and produces all of their original music, giving them full artistic freedom on anything and everything they commit to. Finally, brought together on the common goal to break the boundaries of local music; The Night survives will take what is rightfully theirs. A spot amongst other former Chicago greatness.

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Giovanni Ramirez – Lead Vocals
Rudi Lucyzn – Guitar/Backing Vocals/Programming
Tom Self – Drums
Robert James – Bass/Backing Vocals

All Music is Recorded and Produced at Tag Music Studios