Travelling without moving: The Crazy Plate Lady’s guide to daydreaming

Travelling without moving: The Crazy Plate Lady’s guide to daydreaming

“The Crazy Plate Lady is the humorous yet fitting name that I gave to my brand over three years ago. Today I can honestly say that I am not just a woman crazy about plates and painting on them, but I have become my moniker – I truly am a crazy plate lady!

This perhaps became most obvious to me on a dark and bitterly cold January afternoon at my Studio in Toronto. Surrounded by hundreds of plates and the rapid clicking of my Studio Manager processing what seemed like an endless stream of custom orders, I became fretful that somehow I couldn’t keep up! Distracted, I gazed out the window as snowflakes swirled in the unforgiving winter sky and began to daydream about my favourite thing in the entire world: VACATION!!

The concept of vacation; adventuring with abandon and taking a time-out from the daily cycle of life, especially landscapes and cityscapes, has inspired many plates.

My work as the Crazy Plate Lady has granted me the opportunity to travel all over the world, but doesn’t often afford a lot of time for personal vacation. Paintbrush to porcelain I create my sojourns on plates and photograph them strategically to capture the juxtaposition between my immediate reality and dream destination. These ‘momentary mini-vacations’ satisfy my wanderlust without causing me to sacrifice too much time doing what I love most… which is painting for all of you!”

Jacqueline Poirier: website / instagram