Window to the past, photography by Kerényi Zoltán

Window to the past, photography by Kerényi Zoltán

Old photographs always seem to have captured a particular slice of life. I don’t know if it’s because photos were more scarce and they required a lot of work and preparation…

A very skilled photographer decided to revisit 28 pictures that were taken in Hungary several years ago. He went to the exact same locations and captured these places with a modern look.

Then he merged the old shots with the modern ones to create some insightful images that are becoming witnesses of two different times. Most of these pictures were taken in Budapest, but some are in other parts of Hungary.

“Everyone experiences that occasional desire to look back at a bygone age, and to catch a glimpse of something that touches their heart and moves their soul, or throws fresh light on the changes around us.
Window to the Past captures snapshots of times gone by in such a way that, while being rooted in reality, the images created form something new by merging the power of the past with that of the present.
They offer us the chance to remember with eyes wide open. With open eyes and open heart alike.”

Kerényi Zoltán: website / flickr / facebook