“Sometimes it’s a ship passing far away.
A secret wood.
A small group of houses.
A flower.
Some other times they are pieces of conversations heard passing by.
A certain atmosphere made of silence and wait.
A poem, a story.
A song verse.
My pictures are inspired by simple things.
The things we see and hear every day.
I bring them with me, in my studio, and there I’m ready to transform them creating colourful, strange, poetic pictures.
They come to life in this way and they are original works in mixed techniques, in which I melt the real and dreamlike world.
I was born in Tuscany, and I live in Liguria, where my studio is, and where I have been working full time for ten years experimenting new kinds of art every day.
I started studying Psychology at the University of Rome, but then I totally changed, moving to the Art Academy in Genoa.
I exhibited my works in personal and group exhibitions and lots of my works are in private collections in Italy and abroad.
I’m also an illustrator as well with many publications to my credit.
At the moment my activity is in progress, directing everywhere my curiosity brings me.”

Tiziana Rinaldi: website / facebook