“This is my second official photography work since the project for Lam Truong. The project is called Back to Black. The main material i used is black balloon. To think back, I had a great time working with friends, when you have a crazy idea and your friends willing to do everything that they could to help you, it’s a wonderful thing to me. Because the process producing this work is difficult and tired but we had made it. We bought hundreds of balloons in black, and indeed it is very difficult to find in Saigon, then we have to fill it up one by one by ourselves, it took us 4 hours for 3 people to finish filling up the balloons, then we spent 4 hours shooting. Hey, Vu, An, Yoen, Jade, we had a great time aren’t we. Thanks a lot for helping me making this project.”

Tran Quang Vinh: behance