Korean artist Jieun Park is known for her characteristic style of cityscapes that are overlaid but simultaneously revealed through haphazard strokes of paint. From Santorini, to Paris, to New York, the portraits capture Park’s experiences while travelling, using a method that combines thick, abstract brushwork with realistic views of cosmopolitan skylines. The resulting images, with their dark shadows and black skies, are moody and contemplative, much like the artist herself.

Park is fuelled by a love of painting and travelling, and she attempts to convey her emotions through her work, capturing specific moments on each of her journeys. “I remember how I was emotionally overwhelmed and felt lonely by looking down at the city from on a high,” she admits. Her pieces communicate the double sidedness she feels in the fast moving urban environment where “colourful impression coexists with loneliness” and excitement and solitude can go hand in hand.

Jieun Park: website
Via: mymodernmet.com