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Michael Oswald, photo-manipulation on steroids

Michael Oswald, photo-manipulation on steroids

'Fantplastique' work by Ausra Osipaviciute

‘Fantplastique’ work by Ausra Osipaviciute

SubFocus feat. Coco – Splash

Pendulum – Watercolour

Tensnake – Coma Cat

PeanutToTheButter everyday drawing

PeanutToTheButter everyday drawing

Muse – Micro Cuts (live at HAARP)

Hands are red with your blame Megaphone screaming my name Whimpers someone I should’ve loved Souls weeping above I’ve seen What you’re doing to me Destroying puppet strings To our souls
Coldplay - Low

Coldplay – Low

You see the world in black and white No colour or light You think you’ll never get it right But you’re wrong. You might. The sky could fall, could fall on me The parting of the sea But you mean more, mean more to me Than any colour I can see

Morcheeba – Enjoy the Ride (lyrics)

Rafal Olbinski’s adventure world

Rafal Olbinski’s adventure world


Den brysomme mannen (The Bothersome Man) 2006 movie trailer

This movie is so true, 19 January 2008 9/10 Author: canadian_in_norway from Norway I saw this movie yesterday and can’t stop thinking about it. I moved to Norway four months ago, and have tried ever since to find the origin of the strange emptiness i felt. When I saw this film I was striken with...

Alessandra Ferri – Struggle for Pleasure (Wim Mertens)