“The techniques that I use for my work is a charcoal drawing, photo retouching and digital photography. All my work is infused with the perspective that I approach life: a disillusioned and cynical, which leads me to focus on the negative aspects of things. The way I look at the reality does not want to be a disillusionment in itself, but rather an alternative point of view buonismo to spread falsehoods and basic building blocks of our society. My creative path winds through the representation of states of mind tormented, but never definitive. Fascinate me the infinite nuances of color, which it is our contemporary life, I love the gray rather than black and white. The feelings of anxiety and discomfort, which are in some way to each of us, as the approach we have towards death, so usually hidden issues from a company that paints itself as ethereal and omnipotent, are the focal points around to which my work revolves. Misleading image of a false reality loaded artificial colors, I prefer a picturesque view to the most essential and dyes reduced. I find it particularly congenial to the realization of my representations of digital technologies, a real kaleidoscope of nuances of expression that allows the artist to infinitely expand its scope of intervention and development.”

Stefano Bonazzi: website