“I’m a visual artist living in Bogotá, Colombia. Lover of the traditions of the different ethnic groups which feed the culture of my country I try to melt a little of every one of them and to focus those roots with a global con cotemporari vision in mind, one respectful of the history at the same time. With pride of our past while I see the future at the same time.
As a designer I focus my work in mix a lot of elements past and presents with communicational ends. Technical skills and rational approach are in equal measure with sensibility.
I love fractals, I’ve told it before and is still true, I love the beauty in math, equations, code. This fractals are a perfect metaphor for me right now, even in the down, with the night so close there’s light.
The fractal art joins my passion for mathematics, engineering and art in a single expression.”

Silvino González Morales: website / portfolio