Korean artist Kang Dong Hyun creates animal-shaped, metal sculptures that look as though they are formed from delicate tree branches and twigs. However, instead of being sculpted and assembled with organic sources—like the work of traditional hedge artists—Dong Hyun’s animal sculptures are made from industrial material, taking the appearance of metallic shrubbery.

The ethereal works of three-dimensional art portray majestic animals such as lions, elephants, and horses. In one piece, a rhinoceros appears to have grown organically, upwards from its roots-like silvery hooves. In another, a lion’s bushy mane is depicted with a giant nest of sculpted branches. One other piece takes the shape of a stooping, bird-like creature, formed from bronchi-like metal branches, which concentrate along its underside to reveal its angular silhouette.

When placed outdoors, each sculpture takes on a new life of its own as the sun hits its reflective surface.

Kang Dong Hyun: instagram
Via: mymodernmet.com