The love for art in all its forms has led him to choose a course of study that would let him know and experience personally and in different areas, without being academic influences. From drawing to painting, from installations to scenery and architecture and design: these are the challenges that Arfanotti agreed and allowed him to grow a conscience and an artistic knowledge through a process of growth and individuation finding its own language, common his entire artistic output.
His true passion is still always the painting that it succeeds masterfully in expressing emotions and fears, through a language of magic, dreams and mystery as expressed in the primitive forms of the land of Luni. The stone statues, variously depicted in the day and night scenarios in past works of this painter, suffered a slow and gradual process of humanization and geometric figures to become totemic. The figures often appear Arfanotti mute, actually have the gift to communicate without words, to strengthen our sense of belonging to a past and a common future, without didactic formality. The message that the artist wants to communicate is so clear, simple and very intense at the same time: whatever our origins, our culture, the religion they profess, or the time in which we live, the bond with our land and with nature as a whole remains indissoluble, and the basis for all future.

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