Alfie Gatt, paintings

Alfie Gatt, paintings

Alfie Gatt was born in 1985 in the small and sunny island of Malta. His drive and passion for his love of art started in his early childhood years. He pursued his studies and was successfully awarded a degree from the Institute of Art & Design, in Malta in 2005. Out of college, he was still finding his own path since art was no easy means to bring food on the table. So he strived hard to add another art related skill in his colourful pocket, by teaching himself the techniques of video editing.

In 2011, Alfie decided to experiment by combined all his learnt skills with his experiences by publishing his first video paint on social media. Without a doubt, this was an original way to express his painting process to the general public. Not only were the videos a window to his way of painting, but they were gladly welcomed by TV stations to be aired during prime time as fillers between programs.

What makes him popular, is the fact that Alfie’s current style is vibrant and colourful. While giving thorough special attention to detail and graphics, all of his work is spontaneous and passionately driven yet calculated in balance. He fondly describes his artistic work as a balance and marriage of both techniques and styles. This effect is successfully demonstrated by using multiple mediums such as watercolour, ink, coloured pencil, acrylic, and pastels.

By profession, Alfie is a full time Graphic designer/artist at a private company.



Alfie Gatt: website / deviantArt / facebook