Animals, paintings by Mickael Brana

Animals, paintings by Mickael Brana

“Yeah, I’ve just done this new paintings of weird animals.

I wanted to mix two basics but opposed emotions: happyness and sadness.”

Acrylic, pencil, rotring and watercolor on wood.
60*50 cm

Mickael “Patiño” Brana is a self taught artist born in 1990 in Bayonne, France.
His work is the result of all his reflections about human condition, human psyche (mind, emotions, thoughts, memory, fears, joys, dreams, conscious/ unconscious, …) , the relation between the human being and the Cosmos. the Nature, science, the duality, the invisible, the ancient civilizations , modern society’s problem, philosophical / metaphysical / spiritual questions, the mystery of life, among many other subjects…
But he prefers to leave his work open to interpretation from the viewer, because his paintings have always a lot of different interpretations possible.

Mickael Brana: website / instagram