Appleogy​/​Sárga kukac from Badtime Stories by Mr. Pan[k]sament with Oedip Piaf


“There are two tracks. “Appleogy” is a live recording, actually a jam of three of us, Şerban play the bass, Grigore the gittern and I’m playing with the pipe emulator on my keyboard. “Sárga kukac” is like a mystic trip into etno rock, it’s like a shaman invocation, the logical following of “Appleogy”, this is the reason we decided to tie this two tracks. On the second one Grigore moved to his double bass, but also recorded a gittern track and provided a drum sampler, Şerban play his guitar and I write a lyric in Hungarian language, I sing it and I played piano, a noisy lathe sampler and the flute emulator. I think we’re getting somewhere.

About my concept of “Appleogy”. I made this painting in 1999 ( ) and my dilemma is a quit simple one: the forbidden fruit from the Garden of Eden if it was an apple as it mostly referred, it was a red one or a green one? Or maybe yellow? This question comes back in several of my paintings as an obsession. The best approach yet I guess is this one: ( but the idea comes back often: , , , , , in various forms). Taking off from this unanswered question, I use this premise to get down to one of the traditional discussion inside most of the couples, in fact to that point when one said “black”, the other “white” and this is a perfect starting point for a lovely conflict. Only that I used other colors: red and green, yellow and blue. It’s almost like the argue about the Earth is flat or round… But “Sárga kukac” is part of a traditional Hungarian “Tongue Twisters”. The original phrase is: “Egy tucat kupac csupasz kopasz kukac meg…” and in rough translation it means: “A dozen piles of naked bald worms…” ( ) So “Sárga kukac” roughly translated is “Yellow Worm” or “Yellow Maggot”. “Kukac” is also the name given to “at sign” (“monkey tail”) symbol in Hungarian. On my surprise looking on Google for “sárga kukac” I found this: . Well, honestly I didn’t knew that “kukac” is the Hungarian term used for dildo as well. It gives a totally unexpected perspective for everything. Isn’t it? You will find the tracks also on Oedip Piaf’s home page at: (posted on 6th February 2011).”
Sárga kukac, kopasz kupac Sárga kukac, kopasz kukac Piros az alma te mondod, hogy zöld Bent van a kukac de a miénk a föld Piros az alma te mondod, hogy szép Bámul a kukac túl éles a kép Sárga kukac, kopaz kupac Piros az alma te mondod, hogy zöld Hízik a kukac mégis lapos a föld Piros az alma te mondod, hogy kék A kukac, hogy sárga s mi harapjuk még Piros az alma te mondod, hogy zöld és miénk a kukac míg forog a föld Sárga kukac, kopasz kukac Sárga, piros, zöld, kék milyen szép, milyen szép, milyen szép… Sárga kukac Piros az alma Sárga, zöld, kék. rough translation: (Yellow worm, bald piles Yellow worm, bald maggots Red is the apple you say that is green Inside there is a maggot but the land is ours Red is the apple You’re saying that nice The warm is staring at the picture is too sharp Yellow worm, bold pile Red is the apple you say that Green the warm is gain weight Yet the Earth is still flat Red apples You’re saying that blue The worm that is yellow and we’re still bite Red is the apple you say that is green and ours is the maggot until the Earth still rotates Yellow worm, bald maggots Yellow, red, green, blue How beautiful, how beautiful, how beautiful … Yellow Worm Red is the apple Yellow, green, blue.)
from Badtime Stories, track released 05 February 2011 Attila Brushvox – vocals, lyrics, synthesizers and samplers: piano, pipe, flute, lathe; editing, mixing, mastering, art work. Grigore: double bass, gittern, drum sampler, recordings. Şerban – guitar and bass.