Chocolate girls, miniature BJD by Maria Pikunova

“Chocolate” girls from mimiCreo series.
Author’s miniature BJD (18 cm), resin.
All these dolls are in private collections.

“My name is Mary and I’m doll artist. Ball Jointed Dolls is my true passion and my profession.
I design, sculpt, paint and totally make form and fashion of my characters. I often try new techniques, change styles and experiment with proportions, materials and shapes. Each series of my dolls has very small edition.

I work with different sort of materials, such as porcelain, ceramics and clays. The dolls made of these materials are one of a kind only, I make them only at the desire of my heart and sell it only as finished work without any changes. Also I have a series of dolls made of resin.”

Maria Pikunova: website / flickr