Coffee Man by sculptor Ruth Jensen

Sculptor Ruth Jensen created the Coffee Man in order to challenge her “wiring limits.” From start to finish, Coffee Man took her six weeks to complete.
“I think wire is a magical medium: almost fluid in its flexibility, incredibly lightweight, amazingly sturdy and resilient, eco-friendly, and capable of producing infinite effects. I want my work to intrigue, involve, and ultimately delight the viewer. Wire pieces do this by requiring viewers to solve the visual puzzle of focusing when the front, insides and back of a piece are all visible simultaneously.”
“I’m enthralled with the transparency of wire. It’s perfect for revealing the extraordinary beauty, transience, sometimes humor of what appears to be ordinary. I make each sculpture one twist at a time, without patterns or molds, using bazillions of pieces of straight wire. I “see” the shape I want, and make the wires come together in that shape, like putting a puzzle together. (I love puzzles.)”

Ruth Jensen: website