Darkness Rising, photography by Marius Budu

Darkness Rising, photography by Marius Budu

Model: Anders Landau

A study of the male figure focusing on muscle structure and emphasizing it using minimal light.

Marius Budu is a visual artist working with photography and digital art. He was born in Timisoara, Romania and is currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

His stunning way of expressing the essence of the human condition has captured the attention of art lovers worldwide. This has ensured him exhibitions at galleries in countries like The United States, Canada, Denmark and Romania as well as earning him praise from cultural publications and art communities alike.

Marius Budu’s photographs are strong and focused, with few details supporting the clear impression of one thought or emotion. Through his unique use of light and shading, the pieces create structure and emphasize the sparse, yet vivid colors. The photographs are driven by his fascination with the human body as a raw material for art: Sculptured, twisted and focused on the minute details, revealing its inherent individuality. The photography plays with the viewer’s expectations of composition and motif – often portraying only ambiguous parts of the body, letting the viewer wonder or simply absorb.

His digital art unites beautifully twisted visual concepts with the foggy sphere of subconsciousness. Drawing large inspiration from nature’s forces, Marius Budu depicts glimpses of a dream world that is far from familiar and yet recognizable. The art pieces dance between surrealism and realism, placing well known subjects in an altered context – creating a deeper look into the concept and at the same time reflecting the viewer’s subjective interpretation.

Marius Budu delineates the human experience as a whole – uniting the photography’s embodied honesty with visual echoes of a mind’s streaming notions.

Marius Budu: website / behance / facebook