Adolf Flitsch, play with colour

Adolf Flitsch, play with colour

“This type of painting (play with colour) is being done mostly on glass or paper and photographed in macro it is a very emotional type of painting, most of the time the forms develop with fluid addition and some help of direction with tools or lighting, some almost look 3D. Many of the colours amalgamate by fusion and blending together. Also some of the time the picture is showing through what is as a background laid under the glass.

Because this type of painting is growing and augment as a flowing substance I like to name it “Colour Augmentation”.

I am pleased that some of the images created are like cosmic scenes some are titled “Nebula”.

The prosess is creating multi – dimensional images.

Now I like to introduce my self: My Name is as you have seen above A.Flitsch born and educated in Austria and learned my painting skill with an church-restorer master.

After my time of learning I went to Switzerland to work. There I was able to practice the merging of colours.

And this I have now developed into this art form.”

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