How to design the perfect gaming room/man cave

How to design the perfect gaming room/man cave

If you have the space, or if you are able to create it, creating the perfect gaming room is an ideal project for those of us who wish to extend our online casino experience into the physical realm. It is the ideal way to use that empty basement, alternatively you could use a garage or loft conversion, you might even build one into a house conversion or conservatory. Here are a few design tips that might help you in the planning stage.


In order to optimise your usage of space it helps to begin with an accurate floor plan. Either sketch one on paper or use a computer programme, there are many free ones you can download. Don’t forget to mark the positions of electrical sockets as well as showing which ways the doors open.


What games are you going to include? If you have the space, then you could include all the standard casino games such as roulette, pokies and blackjack. You could even add in a slot machine or an old fashioned one arm bandit, check out Craigslist and eBay for some bargains. Work out how much space you will need for each game and cut out or computer generate appropriate footprints do that you can work on alternative layouts. If you have space you could add a pool table and darts board.


Try to make space for a bar, it doesn’t need to be a huge grand affair, a small corner bar with a few hanging up optics hanging up, a couple of shelves and a beer fridge is quite adequate and your friends are certain to appreciate it. Once you have finalised the plans, get in the builders and when it is finished don’t forget to invite me over.

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